Marina Bay…..

… is a set of three buildings, located between the Intracoastal Waterway (foreground), and the Atlantic Ocean (background).

To get to Marina Bay, you drive along historic Route A1A, a 2 lane road which runs right along the Atlantic.  In the Flagler Beach stretch of A1A, there are no condos or beach houses between the road and the ocean… it’s awesome!
From our condo, you can step outside the lanai door right to the docks.  To get to the beach, you merely go out the front door, and across the parking lot between buildings and cross A1A to our beach stairs.  The ocean is literally a short walk away.  (And our location shields you from road traffic noise.)
A nice stroll or bike ride can be had also by going to A1A, since there is a good sidewalk all the way through town and beyond.
For directions to Marina Bay, go to our Directions Page.